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The customized pre-approval will outline specific loan type and qualifying power, so you can confidently submit an offer on your dream property!

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So you may be asking yourself, ‘why us?’, ‘What makes this company different?’ Aside from our overachieving work ethic + dashing good looks (which could arguably be said for your local banker), we truly do put our clients’ needs first and foremost. Let’s be honest—the mortgage process can be overwhelming and possibly seem a bit scary. It’s our job to walk you through the steps, ‘Our Process’. We get to know you, your situation and your homeownership goals. We’ll then shop around with our various investors to place your loan with the best possible solution. Think of us as your personal shopper; finding the perfect (mortgage) fit for you.

‘Cool. So who would I be working with?’ Our team encompasses a diverse group of individuals that specialize in various mortgage products. Our leadership team takes pride in bringing passionate, likeminded loan officers to the forefront of the industry. What they all have in common is their dedication to finding solutions, executing loans in a timely manner, and a never-ending passion for putting clients first. Always.

Get Pre-approved


  • Step One: Building the Foundation Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned real estate guru investing in your retirement home, We are here to partner with you each step of the way and shed some light on what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming milestone.
  • Step Two: Present the Pre-approval This customized pre-approval will outline specific loan type and qualifying power. With this document in hand you’ll be able to confidently submit an offer on your dream property.
  • Step Three: Procure the Contract At this point, our team will continue to educate you on specific loan options that best suit your needs. While there are many steps to the loan process, it’s our goal to guide you through with ease so you’re comfortable and have a solid understanding of expectations moving forward.
  • Step Four: Finalize the Approval Your Loan Originator is working diligently alongside the Underwriter to cross all ‘T’s and dot the ‘I’s, so to speak. Once all requirements are satisfied, the Underwriter will issue a final commitment; in other words, next stop – closing!
  • Step Five: Enjoy the Closing This is the step you’ll be most excited about – closing! We’ll help navigate you through the final steps leading up to signing loan documents and celebrate with you after.

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